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In 'Our Inner Path', talking about the fifth chakra, Vishuddha or Throat Chakra, Carmen, my favourite fairy, as I affectionately call her, proposes the following questions.
(I suggest you do it before reading my answers and answering the first thing that comes to your mind without giving it too much thought)

1. What are my goals?
2. What about my capacities?
3. What about my values?
4. What about my gifts?
5. Do I take ownership of my actions?
6. Who am I?

Now close your eyes and take a few slow, soft breaths before you ask yourself each of the questions. Don't answer quickly this time, take your time to listen to what your heart is telling you.

These are my answers:
1. I have many goals and I have none.
2. My capacities are those that I practice and enhance.
3. My values are all those that are good for me without going against the rest.
4. My gifts are those that I discover at every step.
5. I always assume my actions.
6. I am the person that I am building day by day.

"And life is so great if you know how to feel it... it is so vibrant if you learn to drink it sip by sip, if you walk through it step by step without thinking where you will take the next step but stepping firmly...
It is so beautiful and so full of beauty if you look at it with the eyes of the soul, so bright if you get your heart to shine in unison with its beat.
Open your windows and look out, don't you see? they are there with you, open them wide, dare to live, listen to yourself and take flight, be able to dream your dreams and you will achieve all that you desire. Dare to be real, life is magic, don't be afraid..."

Photograph by Cate on Pexels

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