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The truth is that today is a rewarding day, one of those beautiful days that leave you with a smile on your face.

I started the day realising that in the last few days I lacked joy on a physical level, but right now I feel my cells full of it.

Yesterday my mother had an operation, besides being Mother's Day this Sunday, so I decided to send her flowers, she loves plants and flowers and they know it I'm sure, they have always communicated well, it's another thing I admire about my mother.
I got on Google and just seeing the name of the shop caught my attention: 'Floristeria Pètals', beautiful; the website and the photos convinced me, as soon as I entered I read: "Love for things well done", and I wrote to them; I knew I was very short of time but they told me that they would take it today without any problem. After talking to them I knew that my intuition had not been wrong, I had been right, they attended me wonderfully.

Pètals is a small, family-run flower shop, full of charm and magic, that offers a very personal, one-to-one service, as the owner told me, and I was thrilled, the preparation of the orchid, the card... everything excellent, everything down to the last detail... they left me speechless. As they told me, you can tell that they have prepared it with all their heart and with all the love in the world.
They know that I am far away and they have sent me photos of everything with all the explanations, they have also made a video of the delivery, I can't be more grateful.

How beautiful is the perfume of life at this moment...

Photography by Floristeria Petals

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